CCS: Submissions and Withdraw Submissions

The 'CCS submissions' tab shows you which attendances and which enrolments have been submitted to the government each week.

  • You cannot submit in this tab for CCMS attendances (Pre July 2nd). Only for CCS submissions (Post July 2nd).

Please read the instructions below to understand how to put through a CCS submission correctly - or just to understand how to 'read' the tab to ensure submissions have been successful for your children. 


*Backdating the enrolment may be necessary before submitting*

The enrolment start date needs to be PRIOR to the submission you are putting through, otherwise you will not be able to run a submission. 

Before you put through any submissions for a child or if you are unable to submit, please check or backdate the enrolment start date under Government Rebates > Government Enrolments tab. Click the link above to read the instructions to backdate.


How to run CCS submissions:

1. "Child Care Subsidy" tab > "CCS Submissions" tab.



2. Search child name (so they are the only child on the list) and then navigate to the date you would like to submit by clicking 'PREV' or 'NEXT'. 


  • You will only be able to navigate to dates that the child attended, if you go back further you will receive an error message. 



5. Check if they already have submissions - either "processed" or "no submissions".

  • "Processed" means a submission has been run.
  • If no subsidy has been paid, check the enrolment ID to ensure it matches the confirmed enrolment in the Government Enrolments tab (the enrolment that says 'CWA Confirmed' is the correct enrolment).
  • If it is the incorrect enrolment ID, it could be a Relevant Arrangement (RA) which does not receive CCS subsidy. You can click " + Run Submissions" to correct this, as long as the CCS enrolment is confirmed and backdated.




  • "No submissions" means there have been no submissions for this date and you will need to run them if the enrolment start date permits and if the child had attendances in the Master Roll.




*Please Note*

If there are two submissions for a week, please check both the enrolment IDs, one will match the Confirmed CWA as seen in the Government Enrolments tab - you can withdraw the one connected to the incorrect enrolment ID.


6. If you would like to put through a new submission, press "+ Run Submissions" and fill in the pop-up "Late Submission Reason".

Read the warnings and enter a valid late reason - the government will check these if they are outside the 28 day limit.

Please be aware that you should only be backdating for cases where it is valid and compliant. It is fraudulent to pretend that an arrangement was agreed to before the date it actually was. Valid reasons can include: delays in being able to perform the requisite tasks due to language barriers, computer issues, family issues...please contact support if you need assistance. 



7. Press "Create or Update Submissions for this child" and "Done"

  • If a red warning message pops up, please read the error and follow the instructions.
  • Contact support if required.


8. If successful, the submission will now read  one of the following.

  • "Received" which means the new submission or variance submission went through successfully.
  • "Processed" which means their has been no change to the details provided in the old submission, the government has already received these attendances.
  • Government Error - read the warning or contact support.


Withdrawing Session Reports

If you would like to withdraw a submission, first check the enrolment ID to ensure you are removing the correct submission. Then, press "+ Withdraw Session Report" and fill in the pop-up comment. Read the warnings and enter a valid reason.