CCS: 23rd September Cut-Off


This is an important reminder for your service:

  • The CCS grace period for transitioned enrolments is ending on the 23rd of September 2018.

To meet this deadline:

  • All transitioned enrolments must have completed a CWA and an Activity test by the 23rd of September.
Failure to complete the tasks by 23rd of September 2018 means:
  • They will no longer be eligible to receive subsidy from 24 September.
  • They will no longer be eligible to have missing subsidy back paid from July 2nd.
Please keep an eye out for the following warnings in the Government Enrolments tab: If your previous software provider handled your parent approvals:
  • Please ensure that you have access to copies of these, either digitally or on paper, to ensure you remain compliant with the government.
  • Please lodge a record of paper CWAs in PRODA.
If you are not able to obtain past CWAs:
  • Please issue a new CWA through Xplor and get the primary carer to sign it in
For more information:
  • Refer to this email sent to all services from the government to ensure you understand and communicate effectively with your parents about the potential loss of subsidy.
Moving forward, stricter guidelines will apply for backdating enrolments and late submissions.