CCS: Backdating Enrolment Start Date

Before you put through any submissions for children, please check the enrolment start date under Government Enrolments.

Please ensure the enrolment start date is prior to the submission dates you want to put through.

First, check the enrolment start date go to:

  • Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Find Child > Under CCS Government Enrolment check it says "CWA Confirmed" > "View More Details" > Check start date.


Second, backdate enrolment start date go to:Screen_Shot_2018-09-24_at_2.38.15_pm.png

  • On the correct government enrolment click "+ Actions" > "Update Enrolment Start Date" > Fill in the backdate reason > Click "Backdate Enrolment". 
  • *Please read the warning* You may not backdate before 2 July 2018 and you may not backdate to before the CWA was signed unless you have a valid reason. The valid reason cannot just be that the parent did not sign the CWA, as this is parent error and wont be assessed kindly by the government.


You may now submit for CCS if required via these steps.