Backdating CCS Enrolment Start Date

CCS Enrolment Start Date

The CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent agreed to the CWA. Legally, the start date for an enrolment may only be backdated to the date that a parent's written approval was signed. Understandably, there are circumstances where this may be delayed. Make sure that this reason is submitted.

1. Check the current enrolment start date. Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + View more details.


2. Check if there have been any other occurrences relating to this enrolment. If there have been previous occurrences, make sure that the new start date does not overlap with any previous occurrences (e.g. in the screenshot below, the earliest it can be updated is "2019-03-25" which is the end date of occurrence #2). Refer to this article for more information: CCS: View Occurrences.


3. If there is only one active occurrence, or a gap between occurrences click + Actions > Update Enrolment Start Date.


4. Update the "Start Date". Add in a valid reason for updating then click "Update Enrolment start date". 


5. Submit session reports from the new start date.