Playground App: Draft Observations

Draft Observations are only saved to the device they are created on. They must be posted to be accessible anywhere.


Login to Playground App

  1. Open the Playground app and tap a room. 
  2. Log in using your username and password. Alternatively if you have logged in before you can use your 4 digit pin.


Saving a Draft Observation

  1. Tap the "Learning" icon in the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap the "+" icon in the bottom right corner to create a new observation
  3. After completing partial information, tap "Close" in the top left corner
  4. Tap "Save" in the "Save Draft" pop-up to save the draft observation


Viewing / Editing Draft Observations

  1. Tap the "Learning" icon in the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap the "View All" button in the top right corner
  3. Tap "Drafts" in the bottom menu bar
  4. Tap on the dots on the bottom right of the required draft, and select 'edit'

To Note

When drafts are saved, it only saves to the specific device under which the particular educator who created it.
So if educator A saves observation to their device, it won’t be visible in another device and educator B will not be able to see from that same device or any other device.
Until they are published, drafts saved from individual devices will not be visible on playground web.