Playground App: Create Observations

Login to Playground App

  1. Open the Playground app and tap a room. 
  2. Log in using your username and password. Alternatively if you have logged in before you can use your 4 digit pin.

Creating an Observation

  1. Tap the "Observations" icon in the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap the "+" icon in the bottom right corner
  3. Type in the details on the screen to complete your observation
  4. Tap "Post" in the top right menu bar to publish the observation to the parents
  5. Or Tap "Close" to save a draft to be published at a later date

Adding Photos and Videos to Observations

  1. Tap the "blue photo" icon at the top of the screen
  2. Choose to either take a new photo / video or select from your existing gallery
  3. You can continue to add multiple photos / videos to the same observation

Adding Learning Outcomes to Observations

  1. Tap "Add Learning Outcome"
  2. Select from a list or search for the desired learning outcome
  3. Tap the learning outcome
  4. Tap "Save" button in the bottom right corner

Tagging Children in Observations

  1. Tap "Tag Children"
  2. Select the children you want to tag into the observation
  3. Use the search box at the top of the page or "Select All' button to save time