Part 6: The Hub

Your children are enrolled, their bookings are in the system, and you are ready to go paperless while the Hub does all the heavy lifting capturing your attendance data. 


The Xplor Hub is designed to:

  • Allow parents to sign in/out for their children, and
  • Capture visitor logs.

The Hub is web-based and optimised for tablets, meaning all you need to access it is a web browser (preferably Google Chrome). Tablets are convenient to keep at the entrance and exits to your service.

To start using the Xplor Hub, follow the instructions below.



Go to and enter your Centre Service Username and Password:


To set up Xplor HUB:

  1. Type into the search bar ""
  2. Enter you service Username and Password.
  3. Service is now signed into the Xplor HUB.

Please contact if you require password or username troubleshooting



Parent Sign In / Out

The first parent sign in will prompt them to enter their email address and password, before setting up a phone number and PIN to use in the future.


After this first sign in, they will only need to use the same number and PIN.


Visitor Log

Visitors tapping 'Sign in' on the Visitor log will be able to register instantly:


The visitor will then be directed to a confirmation screen. Clicking on Done will redirect the user back to the dashboard.


From the main screen, if you tap on the View button you will be able to see a log of all the visitors that have signed in by day. You can navigate to the day before or after with the navigation on either side of the screen or enter the specific date you need in the URL bar.


To sign out of the Xplor Hub, you can click on the Service Sign Out button on the bottom right. You will be prompted to confirm in the next screen. 


For any Hub troubleshooting, please see Hub Troubleshooting

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You have completed the Xplor Basics training! 

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