Onboarding: CCS Enrolments

Any child at your service who is eligible for CCS will require a CCS Government Enrolment.

Once your Account Manager has helped you register your Provider for CCS in Xplor, and release your CWAs, you will be able to check the enrolments for your children.

1. Find the 'Government Enrolments' tab

This tab is where all the CCS enrolment information and CWA information in Xplor is kept.

  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > See Child List > Click the child to view their enrolment (if they have one yet!)

See video for more information: 



2. Checking Parent/Child Profiles

Before you create a new enrolment please ensure that the profiles and bookings are set up correctly.

Parent/Child Profile:

  • Child and Parent will need to have their details set up correctly in Profiles > Children.
  • They need the correct primary carer selected (Parent/Guardian tab).
  • And the parent/child's CRN, DOB and Name need to be saved correctly.

Bookings in Master Roll:

  • You will also have to create 6 weeks worth of bookings in the Master Roll for a child to have a CWA.
  • If they are casual/vacation, they need at least one booking over the next 6 weeks in the Master Roll to have a CWA.


3. Release CWAs:

For a family to have a CCS enrolment, the service needs to release a CWA for the family to sign, which will form the basis of the CCS government enrolment.

  • Go to 'Child Care Subsidy' > 'Government Enrolments' > Click the child's name
  • Click '+ New CCS Enrolment' which appears under the heading 'CCS Government Enrolment' on the left of the page.
  • See below image for reference:


  • Once you have created a New CCS enrolment - the below box will appear:


  • Fill in the routine sessions  OR leave blank for a casual or vacation enrolment:
    • regular children should have 6 weeks worth of bookings in the Master Roll.
    • casual or vacation require at least one booking in the Master Roll.
  • Press "Create" and "Done" > This will release a draft to the families.
    • Once complete the CWA will now say "DRAFT" - it will be yellow until signed, then it will be grey.
  • Please inform the parent who is the primary carer - so they can login and approve the CWA on the Xplor Parent Portal. 
    • They will also need to login to MyGov to complete the activity test and confirm their enrolment. 

4. Checking CWA:

To see if a parent has signed a CWA please watch the below video:

Click here for the full article.


5. Understanding CCS enrolments:

Your enrolments will say a mix of the below status':

"DRAFT" - parent has not signed the CWA yet

"PENDING or PENDING ELIGIBILITY" - parent should check for remaining tasks in MyGov

"CONFIRMED" - active enrolment with the government and have been given their entitlements

The below video will help you understand the different messages on enrolments:

Click here for the full article.




6. Checking CCS Entitlements for Family:

  • Families can be given 0% subsidy
  • Families can be given N/A hours
  • Please get the family to check in MyGov if they feel what is showing in Xplor is incorrect.

Click here for the full article.


7. ACCS Enrolments

In general, children eligible for ACCS (Additional Childcare Subsidy Grandparents, Transition to work or Temporary Financial Hardship) will require a CCS enrolment created as its base, then the ACCS will be applied on top of the CCS subsidy. 

Please read this article for assistance with ACCS enrolments.


In the next lesson, you will learn how to add educator profiles in Xplor.