Administrator Profiles

There are two levels of access to the Administrators platform at

  • Provider
  • Administrator



Only one person has access to the provider-level. These people are set up under the 'Settings > Provider Settings' tab.


They will have the highest level of access, including adding CCS Approvals and viewing all services listed under that provider. They also can set up other Administrators who will have access to the services in Office.


Any one who needs administrative access to Office needs to be set up as an Administrator under the Profiles > Administrator tab.

  • Firstly, login with the Provider account login (person under User Profile).
  • Then go to 'Administrators' > 'Add'.  


When setting up Administrators, there should be a level of consistency within their profiles. 
  • Eg. 1) "SamA" [First Name, Last Name Initial] or 2) "SArmstrong" [First Name Initial, Last Name] 
Fill out the fields and once complete, select the 'Permissions' tab from the top right of the screen to tick wanted permissions.

When finished, click 'Add' (a password will then be sent to the email provided when you set up the User).

All Administrators successfully added will appear on the list, where passwords can be reset or accounts deleted.


Updating Admin Accounts

When updating usernames, it will not send an updated login via email to the user.  

You will have to email each user with their updated Username and their password will remain the same, alternatively you can change their username and then reset their password. 

They will then receive a system generated email form with their updated user logins.

Setting Permissions for Administrators

1. Login with the primary ELC user account at, which would be the first login created for the provider.

2. Click 'Profiles' > 'Administrators' > Here you should be able to see all the accounts set up as a User at your services. Select "Add" (to create a new user)or select pre-existing user from the list.


3. Toggle to the Permissions tab. 


4. Tick wanted or unwanted permissions as desired.


5. When done, click 'Update' at the bottom of the screen.


Creating Preset Permissions (Roles)

You can create Administrator Roles in Office, with preset permissions to make adding lots of Office Admin users quick and consistent.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Provider Settings > Role Permission
  2. Make sure you have 'New Role...' selected next to 'Role Selector'
  3. Tick the boxes for the tabs you want the Role to have access to under 'Allow Permission'
  4. Give the Role a title next to 'New Role Title'
  5. Click 'Save as New'


Editing and Deleting Roles

To Edit Roles

  1. Navigate to Settings > Provider Settings > Role Permission
  2. Select the Role next to 'Role Selector'
  3. Make the changes to the Permissions ticked that you want
  4. Click 'Update Role'

To Delete Roles

  1. Navigate to Settings > Provider Settings > Role Permission
  2. Select the Role next to 'Role Selector'
  3. Click 'Delete Role'