Release Notes: 7th September 2018

Dear Services,

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services.

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Important Notices

Scheduled CCS Outage

We would like to inform customers that we will be performing CCS database maintenance this Saturday 8th of September between 10:00am and 4:00pm.

During this time services will have no access to view the following pages:

  • Government Enrolments
  • Session Report Submissions
  • CCS Reports
  • ISS Reports and Payments
  • CCS Approvals

Please Note: Parents will be unable to access the CCS Approvals Screen during this time to approve their CWA enrolment.

Automatically Expiring CCS Estimates

From next week, Friday 13 September, Office will begin automatically expiring any outstanding CCS Subsidy estimates on parent accounts that have not resulted in government payments within a 2 week period.

If a parent's CCS estimate has expired, however the parent is eligible for CCS subsidy payments, services will need to contact the government support desk to confirm the status of a parent's subsidy payment.

This Week's Updates

Locked Period Aged Debtors Report

Users will notice a brand new report located under Analytics > Financial - Locked Period > Locked Period Aged Debtors.

This report is the first of our 'Locked Period' reporting and differs to our current reports in that it only shows transactions by the 'actual' date that they were added to accounts vs the 'receipted date' of the transaction.

For example, any payments added in September, that were receipted against a date in August would not show in the August locked period report, however would appear on the current 'unlocked' report.

Statement Popup Fixes

We have addressed an issue where the statement popup was becoming unresponsive when resized to smaller resolutions.

The statement popup will now be able to resize to fit any device resolution. 

CCS Enrolment Labels

The previous label for 'CWA Missing' on child enrolments under Government Rebates > Government Enrolments has been changed to make our messaging clearer.

Users will now see the label 'Missing Approval' to reflect that the parent has not yet approved the Complying Written Agreement.

Upcoming Releases 

Enhanced Reporting

The team is working to bring locked period accounting options to our range of reports.

Users and Permissions

We have some upcoming updates to users and permissions which will help users with multiple accounts better manage their login process.

Fees and Bookings

Upcoming changes to fees and bookings include better support for hourly session models, managing attendance and multiple sessions in one day.

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