CCS: "Missing Approval" warning

The 'MISSING APPROVAL' pill means that Xplor does not have an electronic record of a child's approved CWA. You may come across this warning when you first migrate your CCS enrolments with Xplor. 



  • Child has a confirmed CWA enrolment, but Xplor does not have a record of an approved CWA.
  • This will occur if your service has previously managed CWA's from a previous software provider or via paper. 
  • As long as you have a record of this elsewhere, it is not necessary to have CWA's signed. If you do not, it is highly advised that the CWA's are signed via Xplor. 

(2) CWA - NO CCS 


  • If the child's CCS enrolment says "NO CCS" and "MISSING APPROVAL", it means that the child does not  have an active enrolment at all.
  • Please click here to create a CWA enrolment.