CCS: Missing Approval Button

On some enrolments you will see that there is a "MISSING APPROVAL" button. 

  • This means that Xplor does not have a record of this child having an approved CWA.


If you have been running your CWAs via Xplor's CWA system, then this means you have been getting your parents to accept the CWAs in

If your service has managed CWAs on paper via the PEP or another software provider before coming on to Xplor, this only means that Xplor doesn't have a record of the CWA.

You can check if the government has a record of a CWA from another software provider or the PEP by going to:

  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Government Enrolments
  • Select child
  • Under the CCS government enrolment select "+ View more details"
  • "+ View raw government record"
  • look down the list to see if there is a "signing party" listed

If there is a signing party individual, this means that that the government has been informed that your service has a record of this child having an approved paper CWA. This is correct. 

If there is no signing party individual, this means the government does not have a record of the CWA. In this case you must do one of the below:

  • 1) have a paper record of the CWA in case of government audit or;
  • 2) you need to lodge the record in PEP or;
  • 3) you need to get the family to sign an electronic CWA in Xplor.


The above screenshot depicts the government having a record of this child having an approved CWA. This could be in Xplor or as a hard copy on paper. If it on paper the service must have a copy of this CWA on file.

  • It is very important to note that in the case that signingPartyIndividual is listed but the child doesn't have an approved CWA in Xplor then your service must have a hard-copy record of that paper CWA that can be provided to the government in the case of an audit. If not, the parent must sign into Xplor and approve a new CWA.

To approve a CWA in Xplor:

  1. Please get the primary carer to login to and accept the agreement under "CCS Approvals" tab.
  2. Ensure they use a computer and Google Chrome - ideally get them to come into your service to do this.
  3. Please contact support if you require assistance with the above.