Playground App: Sign In

To sign in to Playground App, you will require your Service Sign In details. This is the same username and password your centre uses to access the HUB.

Service Sign In


  1. Open the Playground App
  2. Enter your Service Username
  3. Enter your Service Password
  4. Tap "Log in"

The Playground App can now be used by Educators to make any changes!

You can find your Service Sign In username in Office > Settings > Service Settings > Select Service > Service Details > Username. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can find out how to reset them here.

Note: These credentials are the same for all educators at your centre so please check with your Centre Manager before resetting this password. 

Educator Sign In


  1. On the dashboard, tap the room that you'd like to track changes in
  2. If you have logged in before on this device, choose your Educator name from the list and enter your 4 digit pin
  3. If not, tap "Sign In Another Account"
  4. Enter your Educator Email Address or Mobile Number and tap "Next"
  5. Enter your Educator Password/PIN and tap "Log In"

For future logins, your educator details will be saved in the app so you won't need to enter your educator email details every time. Each time you want to track a change, you'll need to enter your 4 digit pin to be logged in right away.

To log out, head to "Account" on the bottom menu and press "Log Out".

Playground Password Reset

In App

  1. You can also reset your password and PIN within the Playground App by tapping "Forgot Password?" or "Forgot PIN?" on the log in screen.


On the Web

  1. Click here and enter your Educator email to reset your password 
  2. Click here and enter your Educator email to reset your PIN