Playground App: Educator Sign In / Out

Playground App Sign In

Now that you're logged in to Playground App as the Service

  1. On the dashboard, tap a room and you will be asked for your educator login details
  2. If you have logged in before on this device, choose your Educator name from the list
  3. If not, tap "Sign In Another Account"
  4. Enter your Educator Email Address and tap "Next"
  5. Enter your Educator Password and tap "Log in"

For future logins the educator details, will be saved to the app so you wont need to enter your educator login details every time.

Forgot Password? You can reset within the Playground App by tapping "Forgot Email?" or "Forgot Password?".


Playground App Sign Out

  1. Tap "Educator" on the bottom right corner
  2. Tap "Log Out"