Playground App: Emergency List

Note: Starting or ending an emergency list does not notify parents.

View Emergency List

1. From the dashboard, find the "Emergency List" tile and tap it.


2. Tap a child's name to view more information about the child, including Parents, Guardian & Emergency Contacts.


3. Click on the Rooms filter on the right to filter children by room.


4. Click on the Child filter to filter:

  • Children with bookings;
  • Signed in children;
  • Absent children;
  • All children.


Start Emergency

1. From the emergency list, tab “Start Emergency”.


2. Select emergency type:

  • Evacuation Drill;
  • Lockdown Drill;
  • Evacuation;
  • Lockdown.


3. Click on the toggle button to mark children as safe. If you need to add a note about the child to be added into the report, you can do so by tapping “Add Note” underneath the child’s name.


Finish Emergency

Tap “End Emergency” and enter your name/name of the educator that recorded the list, then tap Submit.