Playground App: Emergency List

Emergency Lists makes it simple and easy for Educators to create, view and report on evacuations, lockdowns and drills at your centre.


Check out our guides below on how to create and manage Emergency events created at your centre. 

View the Emergency List

The emergency list will display a list of all booked in children for the current day, as well as their Parent/Guardian information, Emergency Contacts and Hub Guests 

  1. From the dashboard, find the "Emergency List" tile and tap it.
  2. Tap a child's name to view more information about the child, including Parent/Guardian, Emergency Contacts and Hub guest information
  3. Click on the Rooms filter on the left to filter children by room.
  4. Click on the Child filter to filter:
    • Children with bookings
    • Signed in children
    • Absent children
    • All children


Start an Emergency

1. From the emergency list, tap “Start Emergency” at the bottom in red

2. Select emergency type:

    • Evacuation Drill
    • Lockdown Drill
    • Evacuation
    • Lockdown


3. To mark children as safe, toggle to the child tab then filter between:

  • Signed in
  • Booked in
  • Absence 
  • All

Then begin to check the box next to the child's name to mark as safe.


4. To mark Staff as safe, toggle to the Staff tab then filter between:

  • Rostered on 
  • All

Then begin to check the box next to the staff members names to mark as safe.


5. To mark any visitors as safe, toggle to the Visitor tab, then mark as safe next to their name.



6. To add any additional persons to the emergency list and mark as safe, select the add people button. From here add the persons name, phone number and note, then mark as safe. This will enter the additional person onto the emergency list. 


7. Tap “End Emergency” and enter the name of the Educator

8. Tap Submit the Report.


Accessing Emergency Reports

You can view and print emergency records created in Playground App, on Playground Web. 

  1. Log in to Playground Web 

  2. Click Reports on the left hand side menu

  3. Select the Emergency/Drill tab

The table allows you to filter by date and shows the following data:

  • Emergency/Drill Type

  • Date

  • Total Time


You can also download and print your report from this page by selecting the 'Download' button on the right hand column. This will save the report as a CSV file on your desktop, with the option to open this file and print if needed. 

Sample Emergency Report.csv

Sample Lockdown Report.csv

Sample Evacuation Drill Report.csv

Sample Lockdown Drill Report.csv

Please Note: 

If your centre does not have access to Playground Web and would like a digital copy of a specific report, please get in contact with Xplor Support using with "Emergency Report Request" as the subject line and the details of the report you wish to access.