Part 3: How to Add Bookings

Adding Bookings

There are two ways to add bookings:

1) Via the Master Roll.

2) Via the individual child's Profile in the 'Bookings' tab.


There is one way to add bookings for multiple children in bulk:

1) Via the Master Roll.


To add bulk bookings: 

1. Go to the "Master Roll" > Select the Box on the Left-Hand Side of Child's Name   


2. Click "Create Bookings"


3. In the pop up box, make sure you choose:

- the date range you want the bookings to cover

- the days of the week you are creating bookings for

- the room

- the fee type

- whether the bookings are weekly or alternating weeks (leave as weekly if a one off booking)

- tick additional booking (unless you are editing a booking, or replacing existing bookings)


4. Then click save! This will apply to the child's bookings.


To add single bookings: 

Go to the "Master Roll" > Find the Child > Click the "+" Symbol on the day you would like to add a booking > In the pop up box, Select Room, Days, Fee, Start & End Date > Then click "Save"


NOTE: To ensure that a new booking you are creating is not overwrite existing bookings, select the box "Additional Booking" in the pop up box, before clicking "Save". 

If you do not select this option, the new bookings will replace all existing bookings for the selected children for the selected time frame. 



Adding bookings under the child's Profile works the same way, but you will only be able to create bookings for that one child.

You can do this under Profiles > Children > select the child > Bookings 

Deleting Bookings

Bookings can be deleted for either a single day or multiple days in a row.


To delete a single booking:

  • This option is good for deleting just one booking for one child, for example, when a booking was made in error.

Go to the "Master Roll" > Search the Child > Click the booking you want to deleted > In the pop up box select "Delete".



To delete multiple bookings for one child or multiple children:

  • This option is good for instances where you need to delete multiple bookings over multiple accounts, for example, over a holiday period.



Go to the "Master Roll" > Select the child/children by ticking the box beside their image  > Click "Delete Bookings" the blue button in the top right > Select Days, Start & End Date > Click "Save". 



Click the link below for more information:

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Once your bookings are in, your Account Manager can activate CCS for your service in Xplor.

You can learn how to check the CCS enrolments of your children in the next lesson.