CWA Approval and CCS Enrolment Confirmation

There are two steps that must be completed to ensure your child care subsidy entitlements can be paid to a service provider on your behalf.

  • You must sign the Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) through your Xplor Home App or website. Note: only Primary Carers will see the CWA on the Home App.
  • Once you have signed on Xplor Home, you must also confirm your child's CCS Enrolment through MyGov.
    > Before starting with a service, parents should ensure they have completed their Centrelink Claim and Activity Test in MyGov.


Step 1: Approving your CWA in Xplor Home (App and Web)

Check out our video below, walking you through how to sign your CWA in Home Web and App

There are two ways a CWA can be signed. 

Home App

1. Login into the Home App, using the Primary Carer's account. If you do not know who the primary carer is, please ask your centre admin, this is typically the parent you wish to claim CCS. Click "Account" then "Finance"


2. Click on "View CWA Agreement". If you do not see this button, please reach out to your administrator to ensure they have completed the actions needed on their end. 

If you have multiple centres, you may need to google between centres in the Home App. See this guide for more details. 


3. The CWA should appear for you to carefully review. Click "I Agree".

If you disagree with any of the sessions, days or fees, please reach out to your administrator to make the necessary changes and send through a correct copy of the CWA. 


Home Web

1. Log in to using the Primary Carer's account. If you do not know who the primary carer is, please ask your centre admin, this is typically the parent you wish to claim CCS under.

2. Select the name of your child from the dashboard. 


3. Select CWAs on the child's profile.


4. Check through the bookings and the fees. If correct, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Accept'.



  • If you attend multiple services or have attended another centre using Xplor in the past, please see this guide on how to switch between services in your Home App. You will need to sign a CWA for each child at each centre they attend.
  • The date that the CWA is agreed to will be the start date of the CCS enrolment. If this is the wrong start date or there have been delays to signing the CWA, please let your centre admin know as they can revise the start date to ensure CCS is received correctly.
  • If any sessions/days/times/fees look incorrect on your CWA, please contact your centre directly. They will need to update the enrolment to reflect the necessary changes from their end, this is not something Xplor can action on their behalf.
  • If you are unable to see your child's CWA through Xplor Home App and/or Web, please contact your centre directly for assistance.
Step 2: Approving your CWA in MyGov

After the CWA is signed, give the system some time for the CCS enrolment to appear in MyGov. The steps to confirm the enrolment in MyGov are listed below and can be found on Services Australia's Website.

1. If you're not already in your Centrelink online account, sign into myGov and access your account. Select MENU from your homepage.

2. Select My Family > Child Care > Enrolments.


3. View and confirm your child's details. On the Child Care Subsidy Enrolments page you can view your child’s enrolment details. Under Enrolment status you can see if you've confirmed the details or not.If the status is Pending Confirmation you must confirm or dispute the details.

Select view details to do this.

4. This will take you to a new page. Check the information on this page carefully. If your child’s enrolment details are correct, select 'Yes'. If you select 'Yes', select 'Next' and proceed.

If they're incorrect, select 'No'. If you select 'No' you’ll need to speak to your child care service. They'll need to submit the correct details. Once they do this you’ll need to start this process again from the beginning.



5. If you understand and agree with the declaration, select 'I accept this declaration', then Submit.

6. Services Australia give you a receipt to let you know they’ve got the update. 



  • It can take up to 4 hours for a CWA to populate in your MyGov account. If you cannot see the CWA when you initially sign in and it has been less than 4hour, please try again after the four hours has surpassed.
  • If you have successfully completed the CWA confirmation through Xplor Home but are unable to see the CWA in your MyGov account , and it has been greater than 4hours, please either phone your centre's admin team for assistance or alternately you can contact Centrelink on 1300 169 468.