CCS: Parent Steps Xplor and MyGov

Screen_Shot_2018-09-06_at_10.10.17_am.pngParents need to accept a CWA for each child in Xplor to be eligible for subsidies under a CWA enrolment:

Go to:

  1. Please use a computer and Google Chrome (otherwise the CWA may not show up correctly)
  2. Primary Carer logs into 
  3. If you have multiple children, click on the first child you would like to approve a CWA.
  4. Click "View CCS approvals" on the left hand side of the screen.
  5. If there is a CWA to sign, look over the bookings and fees, click "Accept".
  6. If there is not a CWA, inform your centre admin, so they can update your enrolment.
  7. If you are approving CWAs for multiple children, please click Children on the left hand side menu, then click the child you next want to approve, then "View CCS approvals".

Once you have approved the CWA in Xplor, you will need to confirm the enrolment in MyGov.

If there are no tasks - Please allow the government system to update for up to 48 hours. In order to display the enrolment after you have approved the CWA.

Complete tasks in MyGov:

  • Please complete the Activity Test.
  • Confirm the CCS enrolment.
  • Please do not 'dispute' the enrolment based on the start date, as this can only be changed by the centre admin in PRODA (PEP portal) after the CWA has been signed and enrolment has been accepted
  • The start date is generated based on the date the CWA was created and signed.

Please understand that only once the CWA has been signed are you entitled to receive subsidy. The later you sign the CWA the later you will receive subsidy.

We need all CWAs signed by the 23rd of September if families want to be paid subsidy from attendances in July. 

More details on confirming enrolments in MyGov is available here.