CCS: CWA Parent Steps on Xplor and MyGov

Signing the CWA is the first step to complete a child's CCS enrolment. The date the CWA is agreed to will be the start date of the CCS enrolment. 

Before accepting a CWA, please ensure a desktop computer and Google Chrome is being used. 

  1. Primary Carer logs into
  2. Select child. The CWA will need to be signed for each child. 
  3. Click 'CCS Agreements'
  4. If there is a CWA to sign, review the fees and bookings. If you agree, click "Accept". If you do not agree with the CWA, please discuss with your centre manager to update the CWA.

  5. If there is not a CWA, inform your centre admin, so they can release a CWA for you. 
  6. Please allow up to 24 hours for this to appear on your MyGov account. You will need to confirm your child's enrolment on MyGov and complete any other outstanding tasks. This article outlines parent steps on MyGov: Confirm enrolment on MyGov