CCS Statement of Entitlement



  • The statement of entitlement displays actuals (promised amounts from the government) and not final payments made by the government. These amounts are sent to us BEFORE final payments are made.
  • The statement of entitlement 'type' can be ignored as it is data from the government that may be incorrect but this will not effect a child's subsidy payments. 
  • We are required to show the statement of entitlement by law but it is not reliable information for what a parent will actually be paid in the future or for the past.
  • Instead, we suggest you keep an eye on the weekly CCS payments made in the transactions ledger and the CCS payments report under Reports > CCS Reports > Service Level CCS > CCS Payments.
  • Find a breakdown of the elements of a Statement of Entitlement here: Understanding your Statement of Entitlement

If the statement of entitlement shows incorrect information this will not effect subsidy payments from the government. We thank our customers for patience with this part of the statement.