CCS: Check PreSchool Submission Status

1. Child Care Subsidy > CCS Submissions > Click on Child's Name or search for name in "Type to Filter".

2. Click "Prev" to scroll to a previous submission week (only weeks in the past have been submitted).


3. On the right of the divider line, under the child's name you should see '1 submission' for that period, if the child has been submitted.

4. Click "View more details". Then click "View raw government record" > This will generate a list of submission information.


5. We now want to click the small arrow beside "SessionOfCares".

6. Next, the small arrow beside "Results".

7. Then, click on the numbers, e.g. "0,1,2,3,4,5" - these numbers apply for each day the child was submitted for in that period.Screen_Shot_2018-08-28_at_9.33.54_am.png

6. Under each number, look for the row titled "isPreSchoolProgram: Y".

  • "Y" stands for "Yes" - this session was submitted as a preschool program.
  • "N" means "No" - the child was not submitted for preschool session.

7. If the child should be submitted for preschool, the child should read "Y".

  • If you have a child that was not submitted for preschool subsidy but should have been, please check the child was enrolled in a preschool room. 

You can follow these steps to set up a child in the preschool room.