Release Notes: 24 August 2018

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This Week's Updates

Report Fixes

The team has been made aware of some reports running slow and in some instances timing out before completion.

This week, we have implemented some performance improvements to the following reports:

  • Detailed Account Report
  • Aged Debtors Report
  • Merged Account Report
  • Income Summary Report (Financial Summary)
  • Family Reconciliation Report
  • Parent Transaction Report
  • Financial Adjustments Report

The team are still working hard to bring more stabilisation and accuracy to our range of financial reports.


Session Report Actuals - Master Roll and Statement of Entitlement

As many services may be aware, there are three independent sources of CCS subsidy payment data currently visible in Office to administrative users and parents:

  • CCS Estimates
  • Session Report Actuals
  • CCS Payments

After some feedback from services, to assist services in explaining the differences to parents, We are replacing Session Report Actuals with CCS Payments on the Master Roll and Statement of Entitlement.

Services will now only see CCS Estimates in the Master Roll and Statement of Entitlement which will later be replaced with CCS Payments upon the receipt of government remittance for a given week.

You can learn more about these three payment types and how they vary in the Knowledge Base.


Session Report View

Services will now be able to see the session report details for submitted CCS sessions in Office Admin under Government Rebates > CCS Submissions.

Here services will have access to the hours and fees submitted including details such as any absences or preschool sessions submitted.



MyChild Care Vacancies

Services will now be able to modify the information that Office automatically sends to the government's myChild website weekly regarding vacancies and fees.



To access these options navigate to Government Rebates > Government Registrations where you can choose to publicise vacancies and fees including which days you are advertising vacancies for.


Upcoming Releases


The team is working to bring enhanced and more robust reporting to our range of financial reports.

CCS Enhancements

The team is working hard to bring new CCS features. Keep your eyes on our release notes for upcoming changes to CCS.

Users and Permissions

We have some upcoming updates to users and permissions which will help users with multiple accounts better manage their login process.

Fees and Bookings

Upcoming changes to fees and bookings include better support for hourly session models, managing attendance and multiple sessions in one day.

CCS Reminders 

Child Care Provider Handbook

We would like to remind all services of the government's Child Care Provider Handbook, available online as a PDF document.

The Child Care Provider Handbook is a guide to the requirements and responsibilities of child care providers and services that are approved under Family Assistance Law.

A link access to the Handbook is available here.

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