Balance Adjustment

Please note: only the Provider log in will have access to this tab.

A balance adjustment may be necessary to correct the balance on statements. Please keep in mind that this cannot be reversed so if you have any doubts, please contact support first.

Some people may need to do a balance adjustment because:

  • They are entering their own opening balances


  • The age debtor report is showing old inactive accounts with owing money in Xplor.



  • Debt exists on a former primary carer's statement.


If there is a balance remaining on the account that should have been at '$0', please add a balance adjustment for that parent to make their account $0. 

  • Financial > Balance Adjustment > Select the parents account > Enter Type (if balance in credit add 'owing', if balance in debt add 'in credit' > Enter EXACT Amount you want to add/minus > Description "Balance adjustment" > Submit.
  • This will adjust the balance and zero out the account.

Please note: contact support for further guidance.


Please Note: If doing a balance adjustment for the aged debtor report, the change will only be visible from today's date. As this is the date that the balance was adjusted. For aged debtor reports produced for periods in the past (before the balance adjustment date), the 'incorrect' parent will still show up on the aged debtor report.