Viewing CCS Entitlements

NOTE: Office receives entitlement information from the government. If the parent does not agree with the entitlements, please get the parent to contact Centrelink.

Where can I view my parent's CCS entitlements? 


  • Entitlements will only appear on "Confirmed" CWA enrolments. 
  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select the child > Under the heading "1 CCS Government enrolment" > Click "+ View entitlements".

Viewing entitlements


Subheading Meaning
  • Parent's entitled percentage
  • 0.00% means parent is not eligible for CCS
Hours per fortnight
  • Parent's entitled hours per fortnight
  • N/A means parent is not eligible for CCS
CCS withholding %
  • Prior to any CCS payment being made, a withholding percentage is applied. Withheld amounts of CCS are used to offset potential debts incurred in the future (i.e. at reconciliation).
  • The default withholding percentage for all individuals is 5% of their total entitlement.


  • If child is eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy, this field will have "120.00%", otherwise it will say "0.00%"
Absence Count
  • Number of absences for the current financial year
  • CCS covers up to 42 absences a year
  • Click here for additional absence information. 
Annual Cap Reach
  • Yes/No will indicate if the parent has reached their annual cap
Preschool Exemption
  • Y/N will indicate if the parent is eligible for the preschool exemption