Video: Checking CWAs

This is a basic overview of checking CWAs, below are other helpful links if you require more information than provided in this video. 

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Checking CWA (Complying Written Arrangement)

View parent approval:

  • Go to Active Xplor Profile > View Parent Approval > Scroll to bottom and check if signed.

To Update the routine sessions:

  • Go to Government Enrolments > Click child > Click "+Actions" > Update enrolment schedule > Edit the sessions > Save and Done.

To see the latest routine sessions agreed to by the parent:

  • Go to "View approved enrolment schedule" under 'CCS Government enrolment' heading.

Keep an eye out for:

"CWA missing" (on the left-hand side of screen) > Means parent has not signed the agreement.

"CWA confirmed" (on the right-hand side of screen) > parent has completed everything in MyGov (If it says "CWA Pending" or "CWA Pending Eligibility" this means Centrelink has not yet told us that the parent has completed the tasks in MyGov/the parent may still have tasks to complete in MyGov).

Further information:

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