Video: Government Enrolments CCS Enrolments

This screen is found in Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Search Child Name to view their enrolment status and entitlement information.

Essential things to know in the Government Enrolment Screen

- know how to create a government enrolment

- know how to check the government enrolment

- know how to update the enrolment schedule and check parent and child information

Screen_Shot_2018-11-29_at_10.46.00_am.pngGeneral overview of Government Enrolments screen:

Once you search and click on the child's name in this screen, you can view their government enrolment located in a grey rectangle under the heading 'CCS Government Enrolment'. There may be more than one government enrolment under the child's name, this will not automatically effect a child getting subsidy.

In order, to receive CCS subsidy and to be able to submit a child's attendances to the government, the enrolment must say "CWA" "Confirmed" in little grey bubbles on the enrolments. It must also have entitlements showing under the "+ View more details" button in the middle of the enrolment (CCS% and Entitlement Hours per fortnight must say more than zero, if they don't the parent may not actually be eligible for subsidy and may need to contact Centrelink).

You can view the Enrolment ID that starts with 'E' and then 10 numbers in bold black writing (Hot tip: this is useful for checking if submissions have been run under the correct enrolment ID in the CCS submissions screen.)

Complying written arrangement (CWA) is only one of the enrolment options you can set up in the government enrolments screen. You can also be set as "Organisation Arrangement" "Relevant Arrangement" or "Child Wellbeing - Provider Eligible Arrangement".

ACCS should flow through automatically to CWA/CCS enrolments unless you have explicit information to set up a Provider Eligible Arrangement (only where there is no eligible parent with a CRN to claim subsidy on).

Statuses on the enrolment can read 'Confirmed', 'Pending', 'Received', 'Pending Eligibility' or 'Disputed'. These statuses are communicated to us via the government, and we only update these when the government updates us with new enrolment information. 

If an enrolment is 'disputed' this is because a family disputed the enrolment from their MyGov. They may be able


Other things to check on enrolments:

Child name, CRN, DOB on the enrolment > the enrolment pulls this from the child profile

Parent name, CRN, DOB on the enrolment > the enrolment pulls this from the parent profile

The parent and child information needs to match information in the 'Active Xplor Profile' above the CCS government enrolment heading.