Office Web: Profiles (Services)- Enrolment link

1. Send enrolment link to parents:

  • Profiles > Services > Enrolment tab > Copy and paste the "enrolment link" into an email for the family > Send this link to the family, so they can complete the enrolment form. See the below image for reference.
  • Enrolled children will automatically generate on the waitlist under Profiles > Children.
  • You will be notified with an email alert to new enrolments at your service.


Please note: Services should check with their provider before they send an enrolment link to families in an email. Some providers have other methods of enrolling children into services.  

What is the enrolment form? Click here


2. The new enrolment will appear in Profiles > Children:

  • You can change the status to "All", "Inactive", "Active" or "Waitlist". Change the status to "all" to see your entire list. 
  • Use the 'Search' box to find a child in the list by typing in their name.


 Child been enrolled twice? Please make one profile inactive.


3. Check the information is complete in Profiles > Children > Select Child:Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_4.37.19_pm.png

Please check the information under Profiles > Children > Click the child.

Look specifically in the "Child account" tab and "parent/guardian" tab.

  • In the "child account" tab, please check for the name, DOB, CRN, enrolment start and end date. If you make any changes please press the "Save" right at the bottom of the page.
  • In the "Parent/Guardian" tab, please check for the name, DOB, CRN, email address. If you make any changes please press the "Save" right at the bottom of the page. 

*Important* Please ensure the correct primary carer is selected in the Parent/Guardian tab - this needs to be the person who is going to receive the CCS subsidy for the child. It can save you a lot of work especially when it comes to creating a CCS enrolment.

Please note: Parent email addresses need to be saved in the profile for parents to receive the welcome to Xplor email. 

Click here to register the child for CCS subsidy: Create a new CWA for the child.


Other information: 

Email already exists? Please use the 'add existing' button.

Creating child profiles