CCS: Estimates versus Payments

If your service charge accounts in advance, CCS can come in two stages:

  1. CCS estimates
  2. CCS payments

Please read the below for more information!


CCS Estimates

What are CCS estimates?

  • CCS estimates are the estimated amount of CCS that an account will be paid in the future, before the government makes a CCS payment.
  • This is based on the parent's entitlements and the session fees on the Master Roll. 
  • CCS estimates expire after two weeks of not being paid. 
  • This benefits families who pay in advance as they will not have to wait for the government to finalise CCS payments to pay the gap fee.
  • Please note: these values are purely estimates. In some circumstances, it is possible for a different amount to be paid depending on entitlement changes.

How can I turn CCS estimates on/off?

  • By default, a child's profile should automatically have CCS estimates switched on. 
  • To turn this on/off, go to 'Profiles' > 'Children' > select child > tick 'CCS Estimation' > Save. 

Where can CCS estimates be found?


  1. Master Roll
    Estimates will appear as a light yellow pill on the Master Roll.

  2. Parent account statements
    Once CCS is paid, "Daily CCS estimate" will be removed, and be replaced with a bulk sum transaction labelled "Weekly CCS Subsidy". Read "CCS Payments" for more information. 

How can I update CCS estimates?

  • Estimates should automatically update if entitlements or bookings change, but if you would like to push this through manually, go to Master Roll > tick the box next to the affected child > click the green circle button (top right corner) > Tools > Update Accounts. 
CCS Payments

Where can CCS payments be found?

CCS estimates are found on the Master Roll, parent statements, and the CCS Payments Report after CCS payments are finalised by the government. 

  1. Master Roll
    Final CCS payments will appear as a lighter green pill on the Master Roll.

  2. Parent Account Statements

  3. CCS Payments Report