Adding Records and Attachments to Child Profiles

All documents records can be added as an attachment to children's profiles. This may include immunisation records, scans of enrolment forms, or any other relevant files. To add these follow the steps below:

1. Go to Profiles > Children > Search Child > Select Child > Go to the "Attachments" tab.

2. Save the attachment record to your computer in a location you can locate easily.

3. In the attachments tab, click on "Add New" > Enter a relevant title > Enter Expiry Date > Click on "Select" > Find the file on your computer > Click  "Open".

Expiry date: This is simply for reporting purposes. For example, noting when immunisation expires. If this is not relevant to the document, set an end date in the distant future.

4. The document will appear on the page, if correct, click "Add".

5. If incorrect you can select "Change" to select a different file, then click "Add".