Primary Carer Change: Balance Adjustment



Please note:

Primary carer changes are quite involved and should be avoided unless necessary. 

Xplor advises that if this is your first primary carer change, you should contact the Support Desk for assistance. Please note that the Support Desk cannot complete this request for you but can give you guidance over the phone.

The below should be used to refresh your memory and as a guide for future changes.


1) Rejecting Scheduled Payment

If you charge your families by direct debit, Scheduled Payments are generated on a Friday, for whoever is the primary carer/account holder at the time.

That means that if you perform a primary carer change after a Scheduled Payment has been generated, you will need to reject it for that week, or else it will be credited to the former carer's account. For instructions on rejecting a scheduled payment, click here.

You can 'Generate One-Time Payment' under the scheduled payments tab, to schedule a payment that week for the new carer. For instructions on generating a one-time payment, click here.

The new carer will need to re-add their payment details. Primary carer needs to set up bank details again before you can schedule them a new payment.


2) Removing Future Bookings:

When you change primary carers, an overlap in bookings can occur on the accounts.

Please read the below scenario to understand how overlap can occur:

If you charge your parents 1 week in advance;

Normally 'Parent 1' would pay these fees. Once Parent 2 has ownership of the account, they become responsible for the fees. This can cause the fees for the same sessions a week in advance to appear on BOTH PRIMARY CARER ACCOUNTS.

To avoid this, you should delete future bookings for the child, before you change the primary carer to Parent 2, so they no longer appear on the account statement. You can restore any deleted bookings after the carer change.

If you charge a week in arrears;

Overlap may be unavoidable and the debt should be reconciled between primary carer accounts (if the old primary carer has paid for the past bookings, then the new primary carer should not be charged for the bookings/old primary carer hasn't paid for past bookings, then new primary carer should be charged for the bookings).


Do not remove sessions which have already been submitted to the government!

If there are duplicate bookings with subsidy against them, please contact us.

Firstly, for a primary carer change confirm with the parents the start date of which they can claim subsidy. Eg. If bookings are under the Mother from January – March but the Father can only claim from February onward.

Once confirmed with the family you can commence a primary carer change.


Removing Bookings 

To delete any future bookings for the child:


Master Roll > Search Child > Tick the Box to the left of the child > Go to the top right and select '-Delete' > And delete the range of bookings for the child > Click Preview > Tick the Box to the left of Child to confirm the deletion of the bookings > Click Delete Bookings.


Once done give the statements a moment to update. 


Step 3) Balance Adjustment

An owing balance can not be left on the current primary carer before the change. If there is any  balance on the account statement you will do a Balance Adjustment to make the balance zero so you can change to the new Primary Carer.

Please note: the Balance Adjustment tab is only visible through the Provider login. Administrators will need to contact their Provider for this step. 

Go Financial -> Balance Adjustments

Here you will select the Account holder, and whether you are adding a Credit or an Owing amount (credit if they are in debt, owing amount if the balance currently shows the account in credit).

Enter the amount you wish to add, and note 'primary carer change' in the Description section.  

For more information on Balance Adjustments, click here


Step 4) Change the Primary Carer

To change the primary carer, navigate to the child's profile.

Profiles > Children > search and select child > Parent/Guardian

Untick the box next to 'Primary Carer' for the current parent, and tick the box under the new parent.

Then click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. 


Step 4) Add bookings

Re-add the bookings that were previously deleted. 

For more information on how to add bookings, click here.


Step 5) Balance Adjustment 

Re-add the owing balance 

Go Financial -> Balance Adjustments

Here you will select the Account holder, and whether you are adding a Credit or an Owing amount 

Enter the amount you wish to add, and note 'primary carer change' in the Description section.  

For more information on Balance Adjustments, click here.


Step 6) Check the Enrolment 

Finally, you will need to make sure that the child's CCS enrolment is under the correct primary carer. This only matters if it is a CWA enrolment. 

If the enrolment is already under the name of the new primary carer, no further action is needed.

If it is under the incorrect primary carer (the old one) you will need to end it, and create a new CWA enrolment. The draft will automatically appear under the name of the new primary carer. They will need to sign off on the CWA in the parent web portal and then confirm the enrolment in MyGov.

Once they have done this, you will be able to backdate the enrolment start date as far as a CWA was signed under the wrong carer, and submit the attendances under the correct enrolment.