CCS: Estimates, Actuals and Payments

We have 3 different 'CCS Payment' numbers showing in Xplor:

1. CCS Estimates

This number is an estimate of the full amount the parent is entitled to, less the 5% withholding.

These show on the Master Roll (with an underline) and on parent statements (they say estimate in the description).


2. CCS Actuals

These only show on the Master Roll (no underline) and NOT on parent statements.

This number is the full amount the parent is entitled to, less the 5% withholding.

If a parent's entitlement has changed either due to circumstance (i.e. activity test re-assessment) or a resubmission of a variance, we will be only displaying the difference (delta) between the original amount and the new amount.

3. CCS Payments

This only shows in the CCS payments report (Government Rebates > CCS Reports) and on parent statements, reversing out the estimates and replacing them with this number.

This number is what the service has actually been paid by the government for that parent.

This is the most accurate number for a service to use.


Please note:

CCS Actuals and CCS Payments are not the same. 

The actuals are what the parent is entitled to, the payment is what the service receives from the government. The difference between these numbers is that the government, for one of many reasons, may decide to pay only a small amount to the service and pay the remainder to the parent at the end of the financial year during their tax return.

The most accurate number for services to use is the CCS Payments number, as this is the amount they will receive from the government.