Parent statements: CCS subsidy

The subsidy will look different across the parent statements depending on what type of subsidy it is representing. These are the types of subsidy that appear in the parent transactions section:

CCS actuals for 2nd July and onwards will appear like the below:


  • Weekly CCS subsidy will be paid WEEKLY on the account statements.
  • They will appear as paid at the start of the week they represent (although they were actually processed after the submission at the end of that week).
  • They appear at the start of the week for ease of understanding what week the subsidy was paid.
  • For example, subsidy for attendances on the week of the 2nd - 6th of July will appear on the statements on the 2nd of July only. It will be called "Weekly CCS subsidy". 

CCS estimates for July 2nd and onwards will appear like the below:


  • They will appear as DAILY estimates. After every daily fee, the CCS estimate will appear showing the amount that will be subsidised by the government.
  • These are provided by the government and are NOT ACTUALS.
  • These provide an outline of what the family is expected to receive and is subject to change. 
  • These show on the Master Roll as underlined figures.
  • This number is an estimate of the full amount the parent is entitled to, less the 5% withholding.

CCMS subsidy for pre-July 2nd will appear like the below:


  • Subsidy appears DAILY below the daily fee (although only on days it was paid).
  • CCR, CCB or both will appear as paid "CCMS subsidy - CCR" for example.
  • Estimated subsidy no longer appears on statements for CCMS.
  • If you believe a family is missing this subsidy in these dates you can resubmit for CCMS until September 2018 in the 'attendance resubmission' tab under Government Rebates. 

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