CCMS Updates: 7 August 2018

Dear Services,

We have some important updates regarding CCMS estimates and submissions.

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Expired CCMS Estimates 

We have now taken the decision to expire all outstanding CCMS estimates that were generated before July 2.

Furthermore,Office no longer displays estimates for CCMS resubmissions triggered by the resubmission tool.

All CCMS resubmissions that result in new actual payments will be automatically receipted into parent accounts for the correct period.

Please Note: Parents may now see increased debt on their statements and in their scheduled payments. This is due to the CCMS estimates expiring.

Services can attempt to again claim subsidies if they believe parents are entitled to subsidies for the period.

To reclaim CCMS, services should resubmit CCMS attendances for the week via the tool located under Government Rebates > Attendance Resubmission.


CCMS Resubmissions 

CCMS attendance cancellation and resubmission functionality is now again available within Office.

Previously, all CCMS attendance cancellations were met with the following government error: "Attendance cancellation for CCB Approval not permitted".

The government has resolved the issue and services can once again resubmit CCMS attendances via the tool located under Government Rebates > Attendance Resubmission.

Please Note: Parents who have already completed a tax return for the previous financial year will receive the backdated subsidy directly to their bank accounts, and not to their account in Office.


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