CCS: Parent match required

Parent match required is a message that appears on enrolments when a parent match is required.

  • It normally signifies that the support desk needs to 'parent match' for this account, in order for the child to have an active enrolment. 

Before you ask the support team please check:

1. Check the parents match.

That the 'active Xplor profile' (person ticked as the primary carer) matches the parent on the enrolment (the parent under 'CCS Government Enrolments').

If the parent does not match: 

  • Go to the child profile: Profiles > Children > Search child > Parent/guardian tab.

  • Change the primary carer to the correct parent by ticking the box and pressing 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

  • Please note: If a warning requiring a balance adjustment pops up - please follow these instructions.

2. Check the name and CRN are correct.

  • Parent match cannot be completed by support if the enrolment is missing information.
  • Please check that the CRN, names and DOB are correct!
  • For example, the below image is missing the 'parent name' and 'CRN' on the enrolment but they are in the 'Active Xplor Profile'. 


3. Add any missing information

In this case, you need to check or add the missing information on the child profile.

  • Go to Profiles > Children > Select Child > Child account (for child CRN and DOB) > Parent/Guardian tab (for parent CRN and DOB) > Press the 'save' at the bottom of the page.
  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Select Child > Press 'Refresh' > Ensure the information has updated in the 'active Xplor profile'
  • Let the support desk know that the information is now correct and that you would like this pulled through to where it says 'N/A' on the enrolment.