Synergetic FAQs

Synergetic users:

How to upload the Xplor receipt file

  1. Log into Synergetic
  2. Go to System at the top (navy blue on the colour bar)
  3. Go to Banking Configuration Maintenance (to set up a 'Bank File')
  4. Make sure the Bank is set to Westpac and the BSB and account number are added
  5. Other Receipts File Type must be 'Synergetic Standard Format'
  6. Note the 'Bank Code' of the Bank File on the left side
  7. Click OK
  8. Go to Debtors at the top (blue button on the colour bar)
  9. Go to Debtor Electronic Banking
  10. Tick Other Electronic Receipts
  11. Choose Bank Account: select the same 'Bank Code' as before
  12. Click Browse
  13. Select where your Payfile is saved (file path)
  14. Click OK


Handling the generic debtor_id assigned to guest donations & product purchases

All guest bookings and donations receive a generic debtor_id of 1001343. This is so that we can capture guest payments on behalf of the schools without asking parents for a Debtor ID.

Each School will have to create a generic debtor id in Synergetic so that generic or guest bookings can be allocated to, in place of our system default debtor 1001343.

This will then have to be updated in the Synergetic Payfile for that customer.

Step 1. Customer will have to create a generic or dummy parent in Synergetic.

Step 2. The dummy parent will have a debtor_id - please note that ID.

Step 3. This debtor_id will need to replace the system default 1001343 which appears in the pay file. 13054

Option 1 (fast but manual) - After downloading the Payfile, the customer will perform a find and replace 1001343 with the dummy ID.

Option 2 - Xplor to create a Payfile specific for the school and use the new dummy debtor id.