11. How to import recurring payments?

NOTE: Only recurring payments that use bank transfers as the payment methods can be imported.  

Prerequisite for importing recurring payments.

Parent data must be imported (or updated) as we require a valid debtor to be associated the each recurring payments.  

How to import recurring payments

  • Log In Xplor Schools.
  • In the top right click of the screen, on the IMPORT button.
  • Download the template, as it will give you the exact structure that is required to import your recurring payments. 
Column name Description Format
ext_ref required - External ID held in the SMS that is unique identifier for the parent.  
debtor_ref required - Debtor ID or customer reference/Number held within the SMS that relates to an Debtor Account  
bsb required - The settlement account's BSB number  
account_number required - The settlement account's bank account number  
account_name required - The settlement account's bank account name  
start_date required - The first possible date of an instalment YYYY-MM-DD 2018-06-20
end_date required - The last possible date of an instalment YYYY-MM-DD 2018-06-20
frequency required - The frequency of each instalment. e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly weekly fortnightly monthly quarterly
amount required - The total balance left that is owning.  


  • Click "Choose File" and select the file you would like to upload.
  • Click on "IMPORT" 
  • If successful, you should see how many records have been imported in green.
  • To verify the import, please click on Recurring Payment in the left column, and see all recurring payments in Xplor.
  • If errors occur, please address them where possible.
  • If there are errors you can't resolve, please contact [email protected]