Troubleshooting "Parent Match Required" on CCS Enrolment

What does "Parent Match Required" mean?

This warning means that the primary carer details (CRN) on Office is not matching with a parent details (CRN) on a CCS enrolment. 

This error may occur if: 

  • the child has more than one active CCS enrolments. This may be due to a child having an RA, ACCS, or OA enrolment which may or may not be relevant. It can also occur for a CWA enrolment which has a different registered primary carer. 
  • the child has one active CCS enrolment with the parent's CRN not matching with the parent CRN on Office.

How do I fix the "Parent Match Required" warning?

  1. Check that the CCS Enrolment ID on the warning, matches the ID on the enrolment you want to submit against.
    If the warning relates to an enrolment that has been ended or an enrolment you do not want to submit against then you can ignore the parent match warning.
  2. Check that the parent listed under "Active Xplor Profile" matches the parent on the CCS enrolment.Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_4.57.45_PM_3.png
  3. If the parent details under "1 Xplor profile" and the government enrolment are different, contact the family and find out which parent they want to claim CCS under.
  4. If the correct parent is under "1 Xplor profile", you will need to create a new CCS Enrolment
  5. If the incorrect parent is under "1 Xplor profile", you will need to perform a primary carer change in Office. You can find our step by step guide to complete a Primary Carer Change here

If you are having difficulties troubleshooting this issue and need assistance with this process, please contact Support.