Parent Match Troubleshooting

For a parent match, we firstly need your help in troubleshooting in order to identify the issue:

  • Most children will have more than one enrolment under the heading "CCS government enrolment".
  • This is because they may have had a second CWA created or they may have an ended RA enrolment. Whatever the reason, we only need ONE confirmed CWA. 

Due to this we first need to check that the warning at the top of the page actually relates to the CWA that we care about - not one that may not be needed anymore.

1. Check that the CCS Enrolment ID on the warning, matches the ID on the enrolment you want to submit.


The Enrolment ID is number starting with E at the end of the parent match warning.

The ID on the enrolment is in bold under the heading "CCS government enrolment".

If the warning relates to an enrolment that has been ended or an enrolment you do not want to submit then you can ignore the parent match warning.

2. Check hat the parent listed under "Active Xplor Profile" matches the parent on the CCS enrolment.

  • If the parent name or CRN is listed as 'N/A' on the government enrolment:
    • Check that there is not another active enrolment with the parent name or CRN on it.
    • If there is a contact Xplor support so we can manually add the parent details.
  • If the parent name on the Active Xplor profile and the government enrolment are different:
    • Contact the family and find out which parent they want to claim CCS under.
    • If it is the parent under Active Xplor Profile, you need to create a new CCS CWA enrolment.
    • If it is the wrong parent on the enrolment, you need to perform a primary carer change in Xplor. Parent change instructions here.

3. If the parent name on the enrolment and profile match, AND the warning relates to the correct enrolment you want the attendances to submit under.

  • Please confirm this to - title your email "Att: Parent Match Troubleshoot" and we can sort it out for you.