Checking CCMS and CCS submissions

You can check if attendances were successfully submitted by going to:


1. The week in the Master Roll > Search child.

2. Look at the 'Submission Status' column.

3. Read the status.

  • If it says "processed" your submissions were successfully processed.
  • If it says "submitted" or "received" they are still with Centrelink and have not been fully processed yet. Please wait for this to change to "processed".
  • If it says "submission error" please let the support team know as the submission had a submission error.

4. If it is blank this means that no submission has been processed:

Click this link to put through CCS submissions.

Click this link to put through CCMS submissions

Please note: CCS Submission Period

CCS submissions are automatically picked up at the end of every week (only if the enrolment is confirmed) and any changes are submitted again for up to 28 days after the first submission week.

You will not be required to to manually 'resubmit' CCS attendances. But if you want to submit any variances after the 28 days you will have to put in a valid late reason under the Government Rebates > CCS submissions tab > If you need help please call us at the support desk.

 Click here if you need more information on submissions.