CWA: "CWA Draft"

CWA Draft

Draft means the CWA has not been signed yet OR that it has not been processed yet by Centrelink.Screen_Shot_2018-07-30_at_4.41.58_pm.png

1) Verify if the CWA has been signed or not.

You can verify if the enrolment has been signed via the "View parent approval" tab under the "1 Active Xplor Profile" heading at the top of the child's enrolment - to find this go to:

  • Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Search child > "View Parent Approval" button > See image below for button location.


  • In some cases, the CWA may say "signed ...July 2018"
  • In other cases it may say "This CWA has not been signed"
  • If it HAS been signed please proceed to step 2.
  • If it has NOT been signed, please get your parents to sign the CWA in their Xplor account.


2) In the case where the CWA has been signed but is still in draft please read the information below:

In this case, we have submitted the draft to the government but they have not yet processed the submission.

At this point, you need to wait for this to be processed (especially if the CWA was only signed recently).

Alternatively if its been over 48 hours, alert the support team, in order to get this process hastened. 

Once the government has processed the draft, the draft will say:

  • CWA "pending eligibility" or "pending" (if they have not yet completed activities in MyGov)
  • CWA "received" (please check the parent name, CRN and Dob, child name CRN and Dob)
  • CWA "confirmed" (meaning they have been processed and are entitled to subsidy).