Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS) Setup and Case Claims


  • To set up Inclusion Support (IS) in Office, follow the IS Set Up process below
  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > IS Case Claims to view available cases
  • Submit claims the following week through Office (you can only submit for previous weeks)
  • Withdraw any claims if necessary
    NOTE: Any rejected or inactive case claims should be queried with your IS agency. 

IS Set Up:
  1. Please fill out the contact form here requesting for your Child Care Management Software (CCMS) Credentials - User Name and Password Request. In the form, you will require your CCS service ID, service name and personnel details.
  2. Once these have been obtained, please provide the following details to [email protected] via the subject line "ISS Set Up"
(1) CCMS Username: (e.g. CCMS_1_12ABCD)
(2) CCMS Password: (e.g 1ab23!cdef)
(3) Authorised Person First Name:
(4) Authorised Person Last Name:
(5) Authorised Person ID: (10 digit number)

We will notify you once this has been completed. Please allow up to 24 hours for claims to appear. 

View Open IS Cases:


  • Allow up to 24 hours to be able to see active claims after set up. If this does not update after 24 hours, contact your IS agency to query this;
  • Navigate to "Child Care Subsidy" > "IS Case claims" >. You will see your open IS cases on the left of the screen;
  • You can only submit claims for previous weeks;
  • Click the arrow to view previous weeks using the "< Prev" button to see previous weeks.

Submit a new IS Case Claim:
  1. Navigate to "Child Care Subsidy" > "IS Case Claims" > Go to the previous week date > Click "New ISS case claim".Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.17.09_AM.png

  2. Specify a service provision (i.e, Face-to-Face or Non Face-to-Face) and a payment type (i.e. Subsidy-Centre Based Care).
  3. You can add an educator and their hours by using the "+" button under the relevant days. Educators can be added through Office under "Profiles > Educators". Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.49.20_AM.png
  4. If you add a session in error, you can click the "Remove Session" button at the base of the session box.
  5. Tick the box next to the relevant children's name under "Select a child".Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.54.34_AM.png
  6. Tick the 'Educator Disclaimer' that is required and then press "Create ISS Case Claim".Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.54.44_AM.png
  7. This will show as a submitted/processed claim in the relevant week after you have created the claim.  Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_9.57.34_AM.png
Withdraw an IS Case Claim:

If for any reason you need to withdraw a claim, press the Withdraw ISS Case Claim button on the top right corner of the claim. This will withdraw the claim immediately.


Troubleshooting IS Case Claims Error:

Authorised Person Id supplied does not exist in list of All Personnel for the CCB Approval

This is an error message we receive from the government which means one of the following two things: 

  1. The authorised person recorded is not an authorised person. Please contact to confirm who the current authorised person is. 
  2. The educator submitted in the claim is not authorised. Please make sure the educators personnel ID has been recorded on the educators profile. Please speak to your agency to confirm this.