IS Case Claims

Xplor is introducing updated screens for ISS specifically for CCS, making it easier for users to understand open IS Cases and IS Case Claims.

Please note that CCS requires services to use their CCMS User ID / Username and CCMS Password. If you don't have one (including if you never were licensed for CCMS), please contact the CCMS Helpdesk and they will provide them for you.

You can only submit IS case claims from past weeks that have had the attendances submitted. This is because the attendances need to be submitted before IS claims can be processed. 

To set up a new IS Connection with Xplor:

  1. Email asking for credentials to be provided. In the email, include you: Service ID, Service Name, Authorised Person
  2. They will provide you with a reference number
  3. Call up IS Helpdesk, quote reference number and they will be provided with credentials - Username and Password
  4. Send credentials through to with the title 'New IS Connection.' Include in the text your: Service ID, Service name, Authorised Person, CCMS User name, CCMS Password
  5. Xplor will then add your credentials to Xplor.


That is for new ISS Connections. If they already existed under CCMS then you should be able to call the CCS Helpdesk first.

To see a list of available IS cases open at your service:

  • Navigate to "Child Care Subsidy" > "IS Case claims" > You will see your open IS cases on the left of the screen.
    • If you have no open cases please contact your IS agency to see if they are still active cases.
  • You can only submit claims for weeks in the past (as we can only submit IS claims for weeks that have had their attendances submitted).
  • Click the arrow to view previous weeks using the "< Prev" button to see previous weeks.



To submit a new IS Case claim:

  • Navigate to "Government Rebates" > "IS Case Claims" > Go to the previous week date > Click "New ISS case claim" > This will open a box like the below image with the title "Create a new ISS Case Claim". Screen_Shot_2018-08-14_at_12.31.05_pm.png

From this screen you will have the options to specify a service provision (i.e. Face-to-Face or Non Face-to-Face) and a payment type (i.e. Subsidy-Centre Based Care).

Then, you can add an educator and their hours under the correct day using the "+" button. 

If you add a session in error you can click the "Remove Session" button at the base of the session box. 


You will also need to select the children this ISS claim includes by ticking the box next to the child's name. 

You will then need to tick the 'educator disclaimer' that is required and then press "Create ISS Case Claim". See below image.

This will show as a submitted claim under that week date, after you have created the claim.  


To withdraw a claim:

If for any reason you need to withdraw a claim, press the Withdraw ISS Case Claim button. This will withdraw the claim immediately.


Please keep an eye on our weekly release notes, which come out on Fridays that detail all our updates and new features on Xplor.