Recording bonds in Xplor

We don't traditionally store bonds in Xplor, but for services that prefer to keep all the bond information on the account, we suggest:

1) Create a 'Bond' and a 'Bond Offset' pay item, which will help track bonds in reports. 

Go to Settings > Service Settings > select Service > Pay Items tab


Add the Item Name for each, click Add. The Pay Items should be added to the list.

2) Add the bond as an Adjustment under Financial > Financial Adjustments > Add. Make sure the Miscellaneous Fee is selected.


Once saved, this will add the amount to the account. If your service uses a payment gateway (ie Ezidebit), the amount will be withdrawn in the next pay cycle.

3) If the parent paid the bond separately from the payment gateway, please add a Bond Offset Adjustment to the account (as evidence the parent paid).

Go to Financial > Financial Adjustments > Add. But, make sure 'Discount/Credit' is selected instead of Miscellaneous Fee.


Once saved, this will display on the account as proof the bond payment has been received.

4) When the parent is leaving the service for good, check the account to verify the bond was received, then either credit the account against the fees (using Adjustments) or refund the bond to the parent.