CCS: CWA Received Status

"Received" CWA status:

If your enrolment says "Received" this means that it is missing parent and/or child information and it is not able to be processed by the government at this point.


If this occurs:

1) Please check the CRN, DOB and Name in Profiles > Children.

  • Please check this information for both parents and children.
  • Please ensure the names of both the parent and children are not nicknames.
  • Please check that the CRNs are not the same.

2) Once you have checked the information in the profile, go to the 'Government Enrolments' and press "Refresh" to ensure the newest and correct information has pulled through to the 'Active Xplor Profile'.

  • Ensure there are no "N/A" spaces in the Active Xplor Profile before going to step 3. 
  • If there are "N/A" spaces please go back to the parent profile and check the information in step 1.

3) Now look at the Government Enrolment and check for "N/A". To fix this up please go to:

  • Click "+ Actions" on the enrolment > Select "Pull CRN and DOB" > This will pull through the missing information if it is correct in the parent and child profile.


Please see the below image to see what an "N/A" looks like on a received enrolment.