ACCS Additional Childcare Subsidy

Most forms of Additional Child Care Subsidy will automatically flow through to a child's CCS government enrolment without administrators needing to add anything specifically in Xplor.

Although, you will need to have applied for and registered your ACCS approval certificate in PRODA for this to connect up with Xplor's government enrolment.

There may be a short delay between loading the approval in PRODA and the ACCS percentage showing in Xplor. Please allow around 48hours and then after a few days if nothing changes you can contact support.

The only exception to this rule is for:

which need a different type of enrolment created in order to receive the approved subsidy. 

Child At Risk Certificate - Click here for how to apply in PRODA for ACCS

Summary: The certificate is given through the Provider Entry Point and requires.

  • details of the child
  • confirmation that the child's circumstances meet those outlined in the Minister's Rules
  • a high-level description of the type of risk 
  • the period of time (up to six weeks) that a certificate is given for
  • details of the state or territory body which has been given notice about the welfare of the child (this information can also be entered at a later stage - for more details, see below)
  • a declaration that the information is true and correct.

A certificate commences on a Monday and is given for periods of full weeks. It can be back-dated for up to 28 days but cannot commence later than the day it is given. It can be given for up to six weeks, or for a shorter period of time if the provider believes that circumstances will change in a way that the child will no longer be at risk. A certificate can only be given for a particular child in a particular service. If a child is enrolled in multiple services from the same provider, a certificate will need to be given for each service.

If the child has previously been given one or more Additional Child Care Subsidy (child wellbeing) certificates for a total of six weeks in a 12-month period, a provider cannot give another certificate, and will need to apply for a determination instead. Although third-party evidence does not need to be provided when a certificate is given, supporting documentation (such as staff observations) must be kept to substantiate the claim that the child is at risk of abuse or neglect.

The Department of Human Services can review a certificate. If the view is formed that the child for which the certificate was given is or was not at risk, the certificate may be varied or cancelled. Both providers and families will be told if this happens.

Please read the following government articles to understand the following:

Check if a child has received ACCS in Xplor (excluding child wellbeing and Organisation Arrangements). Must have registered the ACCS approval in PRODA/Provider Entry Point.

  • Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Click child > Click 'View Entitlements' under the heading CCS government enrolment > View "ACCS %"
  • If it says 0% this means ACCS has not applied > Contact Centrelink > Allow sufficient time between PRODA approval registration and Xplor showing the approval.
  • If it says a % this means ACCS has applied > Check subsidy payments are correct > You may need to backdate and submit if it has not applied for the correct dates.


To view further government resources click this link.