Check CWA: Entitlement hours per fortnight

In this article we will discuss how families can check their allocated hours in MyGov.

Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Find child and click child >  Under the heading "1 CCS government enrolment" > See the confirmed CWA, it will say "CWA Confirmed" (if it has been confirmed) > Click "View entitlements".Screen_Shot_2018-07-18_at_9.17.54_am.png

  • We have received new information from the government stating that some families will be eligible for '0' or 'N/A' hours on their enrolment (See photo below).
  • For some, this will be the correct and final amount of hours they will be eligible for under CCS.
  • For others, they may believe their hours of entitlement have been wrongly reflected at 0, N/A or any other amount.

If parents or admin have any concern with the allocated hours, please get families to complete the steps below to check their allocated hours on MyGov before calling the support desk, as we will ask families to do this before we can assist in getting them corrected.


Facts about CCS hours of entitlement per fortnight:

  • It is possible for an Individual to have a CCS% but 0 or N/A entitlement hours allocated to their enrolment.
  • This is dependent on their eligibility derived from the activity test with the Department of Human Services. 
  • We queried multiple cases with the government and they have confirmed that data send at 0 is correct at their end.
  • If parents want to check or confirm their hours of entitlement they can do this on their MyGov account or with Centrelink.


Steps to check MyGov account CCS allocated hours per fortnight:

1. To look at your entitlements on your MyGov account, firstly login and then click the "Centrelink" button. See photo below.



2. Next, click the "Menu" button > Then the "Child Care Subsidy tab" > Then the "Child Care Subsidy Summary" tab. See photo below.



3. Lastly, look at the "Eligible Hours per Fortnight tab" and you will see how many hours your enrolment is eligible to receive and other information on your enrolment. See photo below.



4. You can get your centre admin to check your hours of entitlement under the "Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Enrolments" > Search child > Under "CCS government enrolment" heading, click on the CWA "View entitlements" blue tab. You will be able to view your hours allocated and compare them to those found on MyGov. See photo below.



5. If you find the information does not match what we have on Xplor please send us a screenshot of the MyGov page (see example screenshot below) so that we can provide evidence to government in order to get them to correct the data they have sent us.


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