Setting up BPAY for families and statements

Once you have BPAY set up at your service, you can then set up families with BPAY if they have requested this payment option.

For families that want to pay through BPAY, you need to generate a BPAY CRN for them on their parent profile.Screen_Shot_2018-07-18_at_12.45.44_pm.png

To do this go to "Profiles" > "Children" > Select Child > Go to "Parent/Guardian"Tab > Scroll down to "​​BPAY CRN Details" heading > If blank, press "Generate BPAY CRN" blue button > Press "Save" at the bottom of the page (very important to ensure you press the Save at the bottom of the page).

This will set up their statement with the service BPAY details, as per the image below.


If the BPAY CRN is not blank, this means the profile is already set up correctly with BPAY. 

Only generate a BPAY CRN for those families who have requested they want to pay with BPAY.