Setting-Up BPAY for Families

Once enabled, your Payment Integrations page in your Service Settings will show BPAY Enabled: Yes and show your Biller Code and Sub Biller Code populated.

BPAY will not be automatically enabled for all families. To enable BPAY for a parent account, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Profiles, then Parents and Guardians;
  2. Click into the Primary Carer;
  3. Select Scheduled Payment Settings;
  4. Generate BPAY CRN;
  5. Click Update.


Taking the steps above will create a unique Customer Reference Number (CRN) for the parent to use when making payments via BPAY. Once generated, the number will appear on the bottom of the parent statement. 



If a CRN has not been generated for a family, BPAY billing information will not appear on their statement.

The payment will appear on the Xplor statement once it has settled (which takes 2-3 business days). The transaction date on the statement will show the date it’s pulled through to Xplor.