CCS: Additional Childcare Subsidy (ACCS) - Child Wellbeing

ACCS (Child Wellbeing)

ACCS (child wellbeing) is available for individuals (parents, guardians, foster parents) who are eligible for CCS.

You are able to submit an ACCS Child Wellbeing Certificate or Determination by navigating to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments and selecting a child. 

Note: A child will have to have a CWA created first before a determination can be created.

How to create an ACCS Child Wellbeing Application through Office

    1. "Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Enrolments" > Click "+ ACCS Actions" > Select either "New Certificate" or "New Determination"

    2. Enter in all required information in the fields provided. The child's name and centre name will be pre-filled for you. Include risk reasons and evidence where required. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. 


    3. Click "Create Certificate" or "Create Determination". If this button is not available, please check to ensure that you have filled out all required fields.

Managing your ACCS Child Wellbeing Applications

For an active Certificate or Determination, you are able to view the start and ending dates of your enrolment, the time remaining and the reference number provided by the government.


Press the +Actions button on the top right to view available actions to update the existing application or to copy the information on a Certificate to a new Determination application.



Child Wellbeing - Provider Eligible Arrangement

If you identify a "child at risk" but are unable to identify a parent or carer who is eligible for ACCS (wellbeing), you may be able to create a provider eligible arrangement enrolment (child wellbeing) under ACCS.

ACCS (child wellbeing) certificate OR an ACCS (child wellbeing) determination must be in effect for the child and your service.  Once this has been completed, you can create a provider eligible arrangement through Office.



How to create a Provider Eligible Arrangement enrolment (child wellbeing) through Office


    1. "Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Enrolments" > Click "+ New CCS enrolment" > Click on "Complying Written Arrangement" > select "Child Wellbeing - Provider Eligible Arrangement"
    2. Add in routine sessionsScreen_Shot_2019-09-06_at_12.25.17_PM.png
    3. Click "Create"