Child Wellbeing - Provider Eligible Arrangement

If you want to apply for the Child Wellbeing - Provider Eligible Arrangement or you want to register third party funding of some sort on Xplor, please follow the steps below.

Go to "Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Enrolments" > Click "+ New CCS enrolment" > Click on "Complying Written Arrangement"


A list will pop up with a selection of different arrangements > See below photos for example.


You can then select the type of arrangement you would like:

  • Complying Written Arrangement (CCS enrolment for family to receive subsidised care if eligible)
  • Relevant Arrangement (for those not eligible for CCS but need an enrolment with govt)
  • Organisation Arrangement (Third party funding in coordination with parent)
  • Child Wellbeing - Provider Eligible Arrangement (No parent or guardian can claim subsidy, therefore received directly by service)

Once you select the type of enrolment you can click "+ View Additional Enrolment Information" > You can select if the child is in state care > Enter a late submission reason > Then click "Create" and "Done". See below for example.


Click here for information from the government on:

Relevant arrangements

CWA enrolment

Organisation Arrangement

Child Wellbeing - Provider Eligible Arrangement